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Streamlined Recertification for Gracie Barra Instructors!

Congratulations on enrolling in Gracie Barra ICP! You've taken a significant step towards honing your Jiu-Jitsu teaching skills and becoming an exceptional leader. Get ready to unlock a world of exclusive resources, continuous education, and a supportive community of instructors and students. Prepare to elevate your Jiu-Jitsu journey to new heights and make a lasting impact on your students. Get ready to transform into an even more effective and successful instructor with Gracie Barra ICP by your side!

Intructors Toolbox


Streamlined Recertification for Gracie Barra Instructors!

From now on, the recertification process adopts a new approach. We firmly believe that this new model will not only uphold the teaching standards in Gracie Barra schools but also optimize your time to absorb the new content from ICP and GB Institute. Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your skills and expand your career!
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The ICP Legacy was designed with the purpose of providing a streamlined recertification process for instructors who have already mastered the fundamental content of ICP. This new model allows these instructors to go through a more efficient process to obtain their annual certificate.

How It Works

Each stage of the ICP 2024 has new content. When each stage is released, the new course content will be delivered as you have always experienced. The courses with no content updates from the prior year will remain in the ICP Library. The process will be more focused on new content, but that does not mean it will be less challenging. Our priority is to maintain high teaching standards in all our schools.

Access to Content & Tests

The ICP Legacy allows you to focus on the new content while continuing to offer access to all ICP Library. There, you will find all the courses and videos from ICP 2024 for you to review and study to ensure you pass the test. It is important to note that you will be tested on ALL content within the ICP, not just the new content. The test has been updated to ensure our instructors are knowledgeable and in full alignment with the teachings and philosophy of Master Carlos Gracie Jr.Our testing procedure has been updated, so please read the rules carefully in the  ICP 2024 Legacy Guide.
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Exclusive Access to the Series 'Beyond the Mat - The Vision Of Carlos Gracie Jr.'

In this series, Master Carlos Gracie Jr. shares his profound insights, philosophy, and wisdom that have shaped champions and leaders.

New Course: GB Safety

The GB Safety course aims to help you identify tools and strategies that you can implement in your school to prevent avoidable traumas, such as physical injuries, harassment, or outbreaks of contagious diseases. While risk management is discussed in the GB Method Course as the foundation of the lesson plan, the GB Safety course delves deeper into the subject, providing an expanded perspective focused on the formation of a Safety Culture that will undoubtedly contribute to the success of your school.

Safety First, Always.


Access the ICP Legacy 2024 Guide to Learn More.


Big News: ICP Library

Starting in 2024, all supplementary and inspirational content will be available in the ICP Library.
  • ICP Legacy Courses.
  • Exclusive Interviews.
  • Additional Videos with Master Carlos Gracie Jr.
  • E-Books from previous editions
  • Recording of Live Meetings, and much more.

*These contents are not mandatory but rather an opportunity for you to learn from other members of our team and review other ICP courses as and when you wish.

What's included in the ICP Legacy 2024?

  • New Course: GB Safety
  • Updated GBK Course
  • Updated GB Inclusion Course
  • ICP Library - including all ICP Legacy materials.
  • Video Series with Master Carlos Gracie Jr.
  • ICP 2024 Certificate
  • ICP Instructors Workshop Facilitation Guide

GB Instructor Toolbox

  • GBK Program
  • GB1 Program by Master Carlos Gracie Jr.
  • GB2 Program by Victor Estima
  • GB2 No-Gi Program by Roberto Alencar
  • GBF Program

Video Series with GB Leaders

The video series with Gracie Barra Leaders will be available to all ICP 2024 Certified Instructors. In this series, you will get to know the leadership journey of the top three leaders of Gracie Barra: Márcio Feitosa, Marco Joca, and Flávio Almeida.



You need to successfully in the Background check (please check Background Check section in the ICP 2024 Instructor Manual). Plus, complete a First Aid/CPR course valid and updated.


Required for all blue, purple, and brown belts completing the ICP.  Black Belts do not need to complete the Practical Activity Report.


If you never completed GB Foundations or have not taken any of the last three editions of ICP (2021-2022-2023), you should enroll in the full version and take the GB Foundations first. 



You can enroll in the ICP Legacy 2024 version if you are a certified instructor from ICP 2021, ICP 2022, or ICP 2023.

If you do not meet the prerequisites mentioned above, click here to enroll in the full version of ICP 2024.


Streamlined recertification for experienced instructors. Expedite the attainment of your annual certificate. This new model allows these instructors to go through a more efficient process to obtain their annual certificate.

Frequently asked questions

1. What is the ICP?

The Gracie Barra Instructor Certification Program was developed by Master Carlos Gracie Jr. as a learning platform dedicated to all Gracie Barra team members to ensure our philosophies, principles and high standards of instruction are met while at the same time focusing on improvements to enhance your instructor toolbox. Upon completion of this course, instructors will be provided with a certificate that is valid for up to one year.

With over 5,000 participants from all over the world since it was launched in 2011, the ICP has placed a great contribution on keeping all GB team members united as one team, defending one shield, in pursuit of one goal: to teach Jiu-Jitsu for Everyone.

The ICP is always evolving with improvements made to the GB Method and innovations to the learning experience. With e-learning technologies making the program accessible by everyone, anywhere. 

2. Are there any prerequisites for enrolling in ICP 2024?

If you have never taken or  or you are not an ICP 2021 and/or ICP2022/2023 certified Instructor , you must complete the GB Foundations Course.

3. Who needs to complete a background check?

Everyone taking the ICP must complete and pass the background check. The only background check the ICP accepts is the one issued by Sterling Talent Solutions.

4. Why is Gracie Barra requiring a background check for all instructors completing the ICP now?

The background check is one more action taken by Gracie Barra in an effort to increase the safety of GB students and our commitment to excellence. 

 5. How do I request my background check?

You can apply for your background check online. 
Inside the ICP Course is a link to direct you to an online background check application.

 6. What is the cost for the background check:

For residents of the United States or instructors registering under a GB School in the United States the fee for the background check is $19.50 USD and it is paid directly to Sterling Talent Solutions. If there is a validated criminal record found in the following states there will be an additional fee added to the original $19.50 USD that the applicant will be responsible for paying. These states are Maine ($20), Vermont ($30), and New York ($65) and it is paid directly to Sterling Talent Solutions. Sterling Talent Solutions is responsible for running the tests and informing Gracie Barra about the results.

 For residents of Canada or instructors registering under a GB School in Canada the fee for the background check is $25 CDN and it is paid directly to Sterling Talent Solutions. Sterling Talent Solutions is responsible for running the tests and informing Gracie Barra about the results

For residents outside the United States and Canada or instructors registering under a GB School outside the United States and Canada, you can submit your local Background check results.

Background check process may take up to 5 business days. 

7. What are the disqualifications based on the background check?

A person should be disqualified and prohibited from serving as a Gracie Barra certified instructor if the person has been found guilty of the following crimes:

For purposes of this policy; Guilty shall mean that a person was found guilty following a trial, entered a guilty plea, entered a no contest plea accompanied by a court finding of guilt (regardless of adjudication), or received court directed programs in lieu of conviction.

• All Sex Offenses – Regardless of the amount of time since offense.
Examples include: child molestation, rape, sexual assault, sexual battery, sodomy, prostitution, solicitation, indecent exposure, etc.
• All Felony or Federal Violence – Regardless of the amount of time since the offense.
Examples include: murder, manslaughter, aggravated assault, kidnapping, robbery, aggravated burglary, etc.
• All Felony or Federal offenses other than violence or sex within the past 5 years.
Examples include: drug offenses, theft, embezzlement, fraud, child endangerment, etc.
• Individuals found to have pending court cases for any of the disqualifying offenses will be disqualified. If the disposition of the pending case does not meet the criteria for the disqualification as listed above, the individual would then be cleared and reinstated.

8. When will registration for the ICP 2023 begin?

The pre-registration begins on Monday, September 12th, 2022.

9. What are the exclusive bonus material for the Pre-Registration period?

Oct. 2nd - Oct 8th - $100 off regular price + ICP HUB 2024
Oct. 9th - Oct. 16th - $50 off regular price + ICP HUB 2024

10. When will the ICP courses begin?

Stage 1: GB Educational Systems - 10/16/2023
  • The GB Method
  • GB Essentials
  • The GB Experience

Stage 2: GB Educational Tools - 11/13/2023
  • GBK Program
  • GB1 Program
  • GB2/3 Programs
  • GBF

Stage 3: GB Leadership Style - 12/11/2023
  •  Group Engineers
  •  GB Inclusion

11. How much time do I have to complete the ICP?

You will have access to all the ICP content for 1 year.

12. Who is eligible to take the ICP 2024 Legacy?

The Legacy version is applicable to the ICP 2021 and/or ICP 2022 and/or ICP 2023 Certified Instructors.

13. How long is my ICP certificate valid for?

The ICP certificate is valid for up to one year counting from the date of certification approval. The ICP certificate is only approved for instructors who hold the rank of a blue belt or higher.

After 1 year, you will lose access to the courses contents and Instructor Toolbox. As you will need to re-enroll in the update ICP for the current year. This is so you can stay up to date with recent changes as we continue to evolve.

14. What are the requirements to complete the ICP?

The following are requirements to successfully complete the ICP and receive your certificate.

  1. Understand all course material offered
  2. Be an active member of a Gracie Barra school.
  3. Pass all quizzes with a grade of 80% or higher.
  4. Complete First Aid / CPR Training (the certificate must be updated and valid).
  5. Successfully pass background check*
  6. Complete Practical Activity Report (non-black belts only)**
  7. Have your belt rank verified. Your Professor must verify your belt rank for us to approve your ICP certification. At the end of the course you will receive a reminder about this step.

*Required for all instructors completing the ICP starting in 2021.
**Required for all blue, purple, and brown belts completing the ICP. Black Belts do not need to complete the Practical Activity Report.

15. Can I transfer my ICP to someone else?

No, your ICP is non-transferable.

16. If I am unhappy with the course or if I do not pass my background check (United States and Canada only) can I have a refund?

We offer a 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee. (NO refunds if you do NOT pass the background check, and NO refunds if you fail to score 80% or higher after 10 attempts on tests)

17. Can a White Belt student take the ICP?

Gracie Barra allows White Belt students to register and complete the online portion of the ICP course only but does not provide certification nor will the White Belt student be listed on the Gracie Barra website as an instructor. White Belt students are not permitted to instruct classes at Gracie Barra and therefore cannot complete the Practical Activity Report requirement to become a certified instructor. White Belt students may take the ICP course solely to learn more about the GB Method; not to become a certified Gracie Barra Instructor. 

18. I have a question. Who do I contact for help?

We are happy to help!

Email us at help@graciebarra.com
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