Simplified Recertification for
Gracie Barra Instructors!

This guide requires your attention, as from now on, the recertification process adopts a new approach. We firmly believe that this new model will not only maintain teaching standards in Gracie Barra schools but also optimize your time to absorb the new content from ICP and GB Institute.
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About This Guide

Learn about the new simplified recertification process and how it can elevate your journey as a Gracie Barra Instructor.

 Simplified Recertification

Discover how the new ICP Legacy 2024 makes recertification quicker and more efficient for experienced instructors.

 Updates and Innovations

Learn about the stages of ICP Legacy 2024, including the ICP Library, new courses, and more exciting developments.

 Important Dates and Updates

Stay informed about the key dates of ICP Legacy 2024 and all the updates that will enhance your experience.

Course Lessons