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Premium Gracie Barra Rank Certificates and Diplomas 

The GB Rank Certificates and Diplomas were developed to keep your Jiu-Jitsu journey alive.  
As Gracie Barra approaches the historical mark of 1,000 schools we must measure no effort to keep each individual team member at the center stage of our work as an organization. 
As we continue to break records and redefine the impossible, we must renew our focus on our core value of brotherhood preserving and strengthening the camaraderie that has always defined the experience of being part of our team.

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How the process works:

  1. Check your profile rank: your belt rank certificate / diploma will be printed according to your profile belt rank;
  2. Inform your complete address;
  3. Pre-requisite: you need to have completed the last full ICP edition or GB Foundations program;
  4. Inform your promotion date;
  5. Select the Professor who promoted you: the Professor you select will be the certificate signer and will have to verify your belt rank within the system (and it is ok if your Professor profile school is not the same as yours);
  6. Finalize the order: after complete all steps,the system will release a Finalize button so you can inform us your order is ready to be sent to the printer;
  7. Complete the Background check (for non ICP certified instructors).
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