What if you could learn from successful school owners around the world?

Get ready to know what some of the most successful schools in the world do to have the highest profitability, the best teachers, the highest number of students and the highest retention rate.
All this in a practical, efficient, and effective way.

The ICP HUB's video classes are informative and just right. And our interactive community on Telegram allows us to go beyond individual learning by contributing to continuous learning where everyone participates and teaches each other.

As Master Carlos said in the video beside, through information we gain knowledge and power.
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Only instructors certified by the ICP 2023 can join the HUB and have access to all exclusive content.

Why Choose ICP HUB?

  1. High-Quality Content: Our video lessons are carefully crafted to meet your learning needs. Combining theory and practice, you'll have access to advanced techniques, effective strategies, and practical advice from top Jiu-Jitsu professionals.
  2. Engaged Community: By joining ICP HUB, you'll become part of a passionate and dedicated community. Through our exclusive Telegram group, you can interact with fellow students, share experiences, ask questions, and inspire each other to achieve success.
  3. Specialized Knowledge: Our instructors are true Jiu-Jitsu professionals, with years of experience and deep knowledge of the sport. They share their secrets, strategies, and valuable insights, helping you elevate your technical skills and achieve exceptional results.
  4. Unlimited Access: When you enroll in ICP HUB, you'll have unlimited access to all available content. Watch the lessons at your own pace, review the material whenever needed, and track your progress as you strive towards Jiu-Jitsu mastery.

Find out what it takes to create a successful Gracie Barra school.
Join ICP HUB's video classes and gain access to strategies used by some of the most successful school owners

Get to know the Experts

One of the highest student retention ratings in the USA.

Professor Alexandre (Alê) Ogawa from GB San Diego, USA, has been selected as the first School Owner to lead us in the HUB. He has the distinction of having one of the highest student retention ratings in the US.

Record-breaking school opening in the USA.

Professors Diogo Maltarollo and Philipe Della Monica will be the next School Owners to lead us in the HUB. They manage GB Aliso Viejo, which broke the record for enrolled students before the school even opened.

One of the highest retention of women.

Professor Sebastien Garnier will be our last School Owner to close out the HUB activities. He is the Project Manager of Gracie Barra Europe and the School Owner of GB Marseille, GB Sainte-Marguerite, and GB Braço de Prata. He offers his expertise often within the ICP, and is now excited for a more interactive experience within the ICP HUB.

Learn from the visionary leaders of women's Jiu-Jitsu.

Professors Vivi Almeida and Nika Schwinden lead one of the largest movements in women's Jiu-Jitsu: The GBF. Make history in women's Jiu-Jitsu alongside the inspiring leaders Nika and Vivi at ICP HUB! Learn from their experience, carve out your own space, and become an inspiring leader.

How does it work?

APRIL Month 1

The value of knowing your students.
Professor Alexandre (Alê) Ogawa

 understands and will discuss the steps he takes to ensure that every student feels a sense of connection to the community from the first time a student walks in the door, starting with a simple welcoming smile.

MAY Month 2

The value of "energy" at your School. 

Professors Diogo Maltarollo and Philipe Della Monica have experience teaching many students and embracing the GB Charisma. They will discuss the steps they take to ensure that at all times, the energy within their schools is consistently high and positive. The little things can often make the biggest difference. They believe in making the school a place their students want to be!

JUNE Month 3

The value of customer relationship management.

Professor Sebastian Garnier will talk about business practices he has put into place that have become very valuable in keeping track of the goals and journey of his students. He feels that the better you understand and communicate with your students during the first 4 months of their training, the more likely the student is to continue their journey for longer.

JULY Month 4

The value of women in Jiu-Jitsu.
 Take advantage of this unique opportunity to increase the number of women in your school, create a welcoming environment, and align female students with the mission of Gracie Barra. Learn how to implement GBF in your school, develop female leadership for the program, and understand how GBF events can impact the retention of your female students.

Happier and satisfied students

Solid and engaged community

Largest number of enrolled students

Instructors connected to their students


Who can join the ICP HUB?

Every Instructor and School Owner CERTIFIED by the ICP 2023.

What's the length of the ICP HUB? 

3 months, starting in April and finishing in June.

Where is the community going to be? 

Telegram and GB Institute. 

What are we going to study? 

The theme for this season is Student Retention, each month will explore best business practices.

How can I purchase the ICP HUB? 

Debit/Credit card. The payment is for the first ICP HUB of 2023, starting on April and finishing in June. Each new year of the ICP will have a new HUB with a different theme and experts.