Discover How the GBI Integration Transformed Gracie Barra Arnold

Simon's story is a testament to the power of the GBI Integration in fostering a thriving school environment that benefits both instructors and students alike. It's more than just a program; it's a commitment to the future of our schools and the success of every student who walks through our doors.
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Strengthen your Gracie Barra School with the GBI Integration

Gracie Barra Integration is an innovative and collaborative business model designed exclusively for Gracie Barra schools. It is an initiative aimed at bringing together Gracie Barra school owners into a cohesive and strengthened community while providing a range of tangible benefits to enhance their schools and maximize their success.

Payment options: $2,167 per year or 12 x $197.

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What's Included:

 ICP 2024 &  ICP 2024 Legacy

ICP for Instructors, assistants, and students interested in the Instructor Certification Program.*
*Ability to request as many coupons as needed for your school.

 GB Foundations

Access to the GB Foundations Program for all students in your school.*
*Ability to request as many coupons as needed for your school.

 Additional Products and Services for your career

Such as the Student Retention Course and the ICP HUB 2024, MSCP based on your school's demand.* In addition to a 30-minute consultation with our team of experts.
*Ability to request as many coupons as needed for your school.

GBI Reviews

"We've seen significant growth since opening four years ago, necessitating additional support. In 2023, to assist our three full-time instructors, I began recruiting blue belts for the Instructor Certification Program, covering their costs for coaching. This initiative expanded our part-time coaching team from 2 to 14 in just a few months, enhancing our school across multiple aspects.More than improving our student-to-instructor ratio, this move fostered a remarkable increase in dedication, a renewed training desire, and a stronger community among our blue belts. With the advent of 2024 and the introduction of the ICP Integration program, I saw an opportunity to extend these benefits. A coaches meeting led to an unexpected 30 upper belts eager to become certified coaches, allowing us even to include junior and teen grey belts in the foundations program as Junior Coaches.The GBI Integration has been incredibly fruitful, and I'm thankful to Gracie Barra for such a transformative program. It's set to benefit our school and countless students profoundly."
Michael Bruner
Owner and Head Instructor, Gracie Barra Avondale, Arizona.

Key Benefits of Integration:

#1 More Certification &
Much More Savings:

Significantly reduce individual certification costs by taking advantage of collective access to these excellent courses.

#2 More Committed Students:

The GB Foundations course connects your students to the Gracie Barra philosophy, enhancing retention and engagement.

#3 More Growth and Valuable Resources:

Gain access to essential resources for the growth and development of your school, including the Student Retention Course and the MSCP.

Integration is much more than a service; it's an incredible opportunity for Gracie Barra school owners to maximize the benefits of being part of this renowned organization and drive the success of their schools. Join our united community today!

 Participation Rules

These rules will help ensure that Integration is an effective and fair experience for all participants, encouraging commitment, integrity, and customization to meet the needs of each Gracie Barra school.

  • Coupon codes should only be shared with active members/instructors of GB schools.
  • The coupons cannot be sold - shared - negotiated - exchanged.
  • The coupons cannot be shared with members from other GB schools - even if they belong to the same owner.
  • If the coupons are sold, the school must pay for the shared coupon codes.
  • If the school breaches the contract, the Integration must be terminated and full payment for the products used during the membership period must be made.