What Our Self-Image Can Do To Our Jiu-Jitsu

What is Your Self-Image?

Remember the time when you were just a little boy/girl who enjoyed make-believe games? Where you wrapped a blanket around your neck and pretended that you were a superhero. Or put on make-up, wore your mom’s shoes and grabbed her comb and pretended to be the next singing diva. Well, these were back when we were kids. Truth be told, as we grow old, we lose the drive to be our own heroes and stars. We become flaccid, weak, jaded.

Here’s the truth: the world will beat you down… Only if you let it!

Factor in bills to pay, inflation, the government spending too much money on politicians that couldn’t care less about us, and what-have-you’s. When we were kids, these things did not affect us at all. Should we thank our parents for keeping us from the monstrosities of the world? Well, partly yes. But remember that as we grew older, we were the ones who inadvertently exposed these things to ourselves. So what’s my point? The choices that we made as we became older gradually contributed to our own dismal, sad self-image.
The self-defeating images of ourselves in our heads are false images that the negative world has somewhat managed to instill in us. And it will never put any premium in our journey to Jiu-Jitsu awesomeness!
As Jiu-Jitsu artists, there is a big chance that your current rank may have affected your image of yourself. Moreover, it may have changed the way that you believed in yourself while you are in training. Believe you me, I know. I have been with all of you guys long enough to figure everyone out.
Let’s backtrack a bit. The moment that you decide to get into Jiu-Jitsu, you have this belief that you will be capable of conquering and achieving. However, the moment that you get to spar… (and get submitted) all those things seem to have gone somewhere. No. You didn’t leave those beliefs in the mats, or in the locker room. Your mind took those away from you. It has replaced them with doubt and self-defeating images that you are going to be submitted (again), and eventually be not good enough.

Time to Shift Gears!

There is always hope. And there are ways that we can shift our gears and do a 180-degree turn. Decide that today you are going to continue moving and improving. Defining your self image. Results don't happen overnight. If you know “what” you need to grow, then it doesn’t matter “when” it will happen. Yes. You are going to be good. It doesn’t matter when. Just don’t quit.


Change your self-image. The negative images in our heads are false. They are created by the goblins that lurk deep inside our subconscious, which translates into our conscious actions. The solution: tell yourself that YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH! Yes. You are good enough. I know you are. Your coaches think you are! There is little or less the world can do to beat you down if you feel that you are good enough. You are good enough to be in Jiu-Jitsu. You are good enough to join tournaments! You are good enough to rank up from your current belt level. You are good enough to submit someone. You are good enough for any endeavor.

Step 2 – Create A Different Self-Image

I am a big fan of the word “decide”. And the good thing about decisions is that we have the power to decide on which self-image we would like to take on!  But for Jiu-Jitsu’s sake, have this image of a highly respected Jiu-Jitsu newbie that is just awesome on the mats! Stand tall and walk straight, mate! This kid who is wearing the gi is going to be the best there is. He/She will achieve more than what others have achieved in the past! Sounds good right? And this image will take you somewhere! Counter the false self-belief and create a new one!

Step 3 – Expect Good Results

You will never find a businessman who just invested in a business that he expects to go under, right? You are about to invest in self-worth, expect good returns!
 Be that kid again who believed that men can fly. Be that kid again who can put on those shoes and amaze the world!

Jiu-Jitsu for Everyone!