Week 9: Victor Estima teaches Single Leg-X Sweeps

This week's Single Leg-X techniques are part of Week 9 of the GB2 with Prof. Victor Estima.
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In our first video, Prof. Victor Estima enters into the Single Leg-X guard from the seated Butterfly guard. 

Video 1: Technique 50 - Single Leg X Sweep controlling the pants

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Important detail: When Prof. Victor unbalances the opponent, the opponent posts a leg, creating the opening for Prof. Victor to enter into the Single Leg-X position. Note the details on the grips that Prof. Victor is looking to control both legs for the sweep. 


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Starting in the same original position as Video 1, Prof. Victor must deal with the opponent standing in his guard to a solid posture.

Video 2: Technique 51 - Single Leg X Sweep with technical lift

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Important detail! Please pay attention to how Prof. Victor is careful to hook the opponent's far leg to maintain his guard during his transition to the full X-Guard. Prof. Victor also notes how important it is to try to unbalance the open using your leg hooks.
The Single Leg-X and full X-Guard positions connect well together in this sequence.

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