Week 8 by Carlos Gracie Jr. Paper / Bread Cutter choke

This week's Side Mount techniques are part of Week 8 of the GB1 with Master Carlos Gracie Jr. 
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Side mount is likely the first position students of jiu-jitsu start to experience success both controlling and submitting their training partners.

In our first video, Master Carlos Gracie Jr. teaches the best technique to move from Side Mount to Top mount position. 
Important detail: Note the detail on Master Carlos moving his hip backward to open the opponent's armpit on the bottom. This helps control the reverse scarf hold position and helps create space to pass his leg over to full mount.

Video 1: Technique 44 - Class 8A: Side mount transition to Full Mount

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Video 2 - Technique 45 - Class 8A: Paper / Bread Cutter choke from Side mount 

In Side mount, we have strong control over our opponent that we can use to set up submissions - like the Paper or Bread Cutter choke.
Important detail! Please pay attention to how Prof. Carlos first reaches under his opponent's arm to secure the first grip. This is key to preventing the opponent's ability to move away from the choke applied to the 2nd hand.
Don't underestimate this powerful but simple choke. It has proven to be quite successful in the competition!
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