Week 6: No-Gi Turtle Sequence with Prof. Tussa

This week's Turtle techniques are part of Week 6 of the GB3 No-Gi module with Prof. "Tussa" Alencar.

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Prof. Tussa begins this week's lesson by showing us how we start on the feet and get the match to the ground, ending up on the Turtle Top position. Prof. Tussa performs a wrestling move to get by the opponent's arms to a standing rear clinch and executes a simple but effective trip takedown.

Video: Technique 31 - Goose neck to the back
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Important detail: Note the details on Prof. Tussa's grip on the opponent's wrist and waist in the standing clinch. MMA fans will recognise this prevalent position that occurs during clinch fighting.

Once the fight is on the mat, Prof. Tussa breaks the opponent's defensive turtle down to put in the hooks and establish Back Mount. The opponent is playing tight and defensive.

Video 2 - Technique 32 - Take the back with an outside hook

Important detail! Please pay attention to how Prof. Tussa uses a 2 on 1 grip control on the opponent's wrist to create space to put in his first hook. 
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