Week 4: Outside Trips with Sensei Henrique Machado

GB2 by Henrique Machado: Takedown Foundations 

This week with Prof. Henrique we will be learning about one of the fundamental techniques in judo - the Major outside trip - Osoto Gari. This throw has important self defense applications in addition to being used in sport competition.
This week's  techniques are part of Week 4 of the Takedowns module with Sensei Henrique Machado.
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Our first video teaches the correct grips and footwork to execute the Outside Hook trip with a powerful sweeping motion of the power leg.
VIDEO: Class 4A : Outside Hook Takedown Osoto Gari
Important points: Before Sensei Henrique enters into the throw, he fakes the opponent in the opposite direction to trigger a reaction. When the opponent withdraws from the pull, they place themselves in a position to be thrown backwards.

TÉCNICA 7 from Gracie Barra Jiu-Jitsu on Vimeo.

Our 2nd video shows a different scenario where Sensei Henrique attacks with the "Minor" outside trip - Kosoto Gake. Note that Sensei Henrique is attacking the same leg on Prof. Marcio, but Sensei Henrique is using his other foot to trip (compared to the 1st trip).
VIDEO2: Class 4B : Minor Outer Hook - Kosoto Gake
Pay attention to the detail where Sensei Henrique emphasizes to place your sleeve grip ON TOP of the opponents arm - this will provide superior leverage to force the opponents weight and balance in the right direction.

TÉCNICA 8 from Gracie Barra Jiu-Jitsu on Vimeo.

The takeaway:  Both of these trips are useful tools for the Jiu-Jitsu fighter as neither exposes the back to your opponent as some of the other turning throws in judo.

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