Week 4: Knee on the Belly with Prof. Rodrigo Fajardo

GB2 by Rodrigo Fajardo: Further Your Knowledge 

This week's Knee on the Belly (KOB) techniques are part of Week 4 of the GB2 module with Prof. Rodrigo Fajardo.
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Prof. Rodrigo begins this week's lesson by showing us how to transition from Side Mount to the KOB position without sacrificing the opponent's control and giving the opponent an opening to replace the guard.
Video 1: Technique 20 - Knee on the Belly checking the arm
Prof. Rodrigo uses the "wrong knee" to initially check the opponent's defensive arm before moving to the proper KOB position. This quick movement eliminates an important part of the opponent's defense from the bottom.
Important detail: Note the majority of Prof. Rodrigo's weight is riding on the opponent's hips /belt. This makes any hip escape to replace the guard very difficult and fatiguing for the person on the bottom.

TÉCNICA 20 from Gracie Barra Jiu-Jitsu on Vimeo.

In our 2nd video, Prof. Rodrigo has established the KOB position and attacks a creative collar choke variation.
Video 2: Technique 21 - Choke from KOB
Please pay attention to how Prof. Rodrigo both adjusts his collar grip to obtain the tightest pressure against the opponent's carotid artery AND shifts his body weight back to make it easier to step over the opponent's head. The foot assist creates a strong counter-pressure to the choking hand.

TÉCNICA 21 from Gracie Barra Jiu-Jitsu on Vimeo.

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