Week 3: Leg Pin Guard Passing with Prof. Flavio Almeida

GB3 by Flavio Almeida: Attack the Reaction

This week with Prof. Flavio we will be learning about some open guard passing concepts. This week's techniques are part of Week 3 of the GB3 module with Prof. Flavio Almeida.
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Our first video is from the GB3 with Prof. Almeida module - Class B - Guard passing Top.
In this guard passing situation, Prof. Flavio is connecting different passes that focus on neutralizing the hips and looking to pin the legs for the pass. The opponent has established Spider Guard grips.
VIDEO 1: Technique 17 Class 3B : Leg Pin Pass from Spider Guard
Important points: When Prof. Flavio initiates the pass, he starts with breaking the opponents grips then moves laterally to control the opponents hips and bring their knees together. The opponent is in what Prof. Flavio calls the "fetal position".
Note the footwork to "staple" the shin to the mat in order to finish the pass.
Our 2nd video shows a different passing scenario where Prof. Flavio is dealing with an opponent playing Butterfly guard.
VIDEO 2: technique 18 Class 3B : Passing Butterfly Guard using the head post
Pay attention to the detail where Prof. Flavio figuratively and literally uses his head as a post and to balance...enabling Prof. Flavio to jump to the other side of the opponent and arriving in side control.
The takeaway: Any guard pass that you are good on one side, you should understand where the connection is, for when it is best for you to transition to the opposite side pass. When the opponent shows their common reaction to your intial pass, it is important to have a game plan AHEAD of the opponent, transitioning to your 2nd passing option.

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