Week 2: Escape from bottom Side Mount with Master Carlos Gracie Jr.

GB1 Online by Master Carlos Gracie Jr.

In Week 2 of the GB1 curriculum, we will be working on techniques from the GB1 Side Mount bottom.
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In this week's lesson, Master Carlos answers probably the #1 most asked question by white belt students: "How do I escape from my opponent's side mount?"
A key concept behind this escape is something you have likely heard many times in the GB Fundamentals class - "Move your hips!" Inexperienced students will instinctively try to push the opponent's weight off of them using arm strength, but this is not the most efficient strategy.
VIDEO 1 - Technique 8 Class 2A - Escape Side Mount bottom
Tip: Note how Master Carlos uses his right arm to frame on the opponent's hips and moves his hips out (remember all of those hip escape drills?!) to create room to replace the guard. This is the most critical side mount escape to master.

Week 2A_tech2 from Gracie Barra Jiu-Jitsu on Vimeo.

In our next video, we see Master Carlos show a very common variation of the basic guard replacement.
VIDEO 2 - Technique 9 Class 2A - Escape Side mount bottom - High Leg Escape
Please pay attention to how Master Carlos initially frames with his forearms to prevent Prof. Marcio from putting his full body weight onto Master Carlos' chest. This is an important survival tip!
Key Detail: Master Carlos brings his outside leg high and across the neck of Prof. Marcio - who has postured up - blocking the pass. Master Carlos then uses his high leg to create space to get both feet on Prof. Marcio's hips and return to guard.

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