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Week 15: Ankle Pick Setup and Takedown Drills

GB2 by Henrique Machado: Takedown Foundations 

In week 15 of the GB curriculum, we will be working on techniques from the GB2 Online course Takedowns by Prof. Henrique Machado.
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The setup for the ankle pick employs the Jiu-Jitsu principle of Action / Reaction.
VIDEO 1 - Class 15A - Ankle Pick from Foot Sweep (Kuchiki Taoshi)
From the standard lapel/sleeve grip, Prof. Henrique uses an initial pull/push to create a reaction by the opponent to pull back suddenly. This creates the opening to enter.
Tip: Note how Prof. Henrique changes his level and drops to get underneath his opponent's defensive arms and catch the behind the knee grip. Once he has the knee grip, Prof. Henrique can drive the opponent backwards to unbalance the opponent in that direction and complete the throw to the rear corner.
Next video, we will see an essential part of standup judo training (known as Uchi-komi). This training is a cooperative drill where you move your opponent around and then enter into whichever technique you are training.
VIDEO 2 - Takedowns Drills: Takedown Movements with No Resistance
The benefit of this drill is to develop your timing and footwork to enter into the throw as your opponent is moving correctly. 
"Repetition is the mother of skill!"
You can perform 10 repetitions alternating with your training partner, so you both get in those repetitions.
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