Week 14: Side Mount Submission Strategy

In week 14 of the GB curriculum, we will be working on techniques from the side mount top with Prof. Rodrigo Fajardo from the GB2 Online course.
The theme of this week's Side Mount techniques are submission attacks that come from your opponent's movement as they try to escape from your side mount. Usually, while inside the mount, we look to apply heavy pressure to stop our opponent's movement. But as we will see in the two videos from GB2, sometimes allowing your opponent to move can be a submission strategy.
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Video 1 - Class 14B Tech 83: Armlock from side mount
The opponent exposes their arm on the side closest to you when they are posting and attempting to create space to replace the guard. Prof. Rodrigo slides his hips behind the arm to set up the arm lock.
Tip: Notice how Prof. Rodrigo controls the opponent's knee/pants to prevent them from turning away to escape the arm lock.
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Video 2 - Class 14B Tech 84: Collar choke from the back starting from Side Mount.
This 2nd technique comes off of the same initial situation as the previous arm lock. In looking to create a scramble and escape, the opponent has momentarily exposed their back to Prof. Rodrigo.
Please pay attention to how when the opponent posts their rear hand on the mat to sit up, Prof. Rodrigo uses his leg to capture the arm and eliminate the ability to defend a collar choke attack.
At the higher levels of Jiu-Jitsu, we often see the back attacker use their legs to kill the movement of one of the opponent's arms to take away their ability to hand fight.
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