Week 1 - Pull to Sit Up Guard with Flavio Almeida

GB3 by Flavio Almeida

In Week 1 of the GB3 curriculum, we will be working on techniques from the Sit Up Guard from the GB3 Online course with Prof. Flavio Almeida.
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We are starting a new cycle of the GB3 Curriculum week 1 in the guard position. In this week's lesson, Prof. Flavio shows how we can get the match to the ground by pulling guard and retaining our grip advantage.
A key concept behind this guard pull is that Prof. Flavio wants to conceal his intention to pull guard (feinting that he might be looking for a takedown) to key his opponent off guard (no pun intended)
VIDEO 1 - Technique 1 Class 1A - Pull to Sit Up Guard with hand on the collar
Tip: Note how Prof. Flavio keeps the opponent guessing with the fake level change to double leg so he can arrive in guard without surrendering 2 points for the takedown.
In our next video, we see Prof. Flavio explain of strengths of the Sit Up Guard and, after arriving in the position, how we can look to attack with a sweep.
VIDEO 2 - Technique 2 Class 1A - 
Sit Up guard and shin to shin Single Leg-X guard sweep.
Pay attention to how Prof. Flavio moves from a neutral position to a leg entanglement (shin to shin and entering into the Single Leg-X guard) - controlling the opponent and limiting the opponent's ability to move and pass his guard.
Key Detail: Prof. Flavio uses the principle of action/reaction by bumping the opponent's balance to set up the sweep.
Suppose you really liked our video #2. In that case, Prof. Flavio teaches a hip mobility drill on how we can build the movement pattern to make our Single Leg-X sweep more effective from the GB3 Solo Experience module.
VIDEO 3 - Technique 2 Shin to shin Single Leg-X guard sweep

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