GB2 by Henrique Machado: Takedown Foundations  

This week with Prof. Henrique, we will be learning about a classic combination of technique to the technique that is so important to judo.

This week's trip techniques are part of Week 7 of the GB2 Takedowns module with Prof. Henrique Machado.

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Our first video teaches us to connect 2 techniques in combination: the Inside trip (Ouchi-gari) and an ankle pick. The best judo is based on Action Reaction, and Prof. Henrique illustrates this in today's lesson.

VIDEO1: Class 7B: Technique - Leg Pick from Inside Hook takedown (Kuchiki Taoshi)
Note that Prof. Henrique's hand on the opponent's lapel plays a crucial role in unbalancing the opponent. It is not only the ankle pick hand that is crucial to apply the throw.

Our 2nd video shows a Takedown drill that we can use to perfect our footwork for a fast entry. Our entries must be lightning quick in live training, and this type of drill is a central part of judo training.

Please pay attention to how Prof. Henrique gets the opponent moving to create the specific distance, stance, and momentum he needs for each particular technique.

VIDEO2: Technique - Class 7B: Takedown movements with no resistance
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