This Video Will Change Your Day!

How does it feel to change belts in Jiu-Jitsu?

Hello Team,
This week we posted on the GB Online Instagram, @graciebarraonline, an amazing video. For those of us who practice Jiu-Jitsu it represents our emotions, our feelings and the sense of duty fulfilled. 
Before watching the video, read our message and be sure to answer our survey.
Reaching the next level in Jiu-Jitsu whether through the stripes or degrees achieved or a belt promotion is a huge milestone in our journey on the mat. It is a sign that we are working hard and our efforts are being recognized.
When we go to school and college, we go through several stages, don't we? At the end of this journey we receive our diploma and are ready to serve the community with our specializations. 
In many colleges and schools, those who are in the most advanced stages of their education often make themselves available to offer help to those who are at previous levels. 
Did you ever stop to think that jiu-jitsu is like that too? 
The black belt represents  your graduation diploma and it is the path that represents service. 
The other belts are the paths that represent each period completed in Jiu-Jitsu college. 
And whenever we graduate to the next level, we should prepare for two things: 
Celebrate and recognize our victories on the mat. 
Help and contribute to the improvement of those who are behind us seeking to reach the next level.
Wherever he goes, Master Carlos Gracie Jr. always remembers that GB is a team, that we must help each other and that we should want for each other what we want for ourselves. 
Before we finish, we leave here the following questions for you to reflect on:
How have you celebrated and recognized your Jiu-Jitsu promotions? 
How have you contributed to the progress of your training partners?
Be sure to watch the promotion video of little Gabriel from GB Jacarepaguá. 
Talk to you soon,
GB Online
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