The World Transforms and GB Transforms with You

A few weeks have passed since the world completely transformed. 
In a few days our lives were touched by unpredictability and staying at home became essential for our health and our survival.
We work hard with GB Instructors to bring the best solutions and technologies to your home. With the #GBatHome, as the main way to continue training, evolving,and inspiring all GB members (including us from GB Online) to stay on our Jiu-Jitsu journey.
#GBatHome has further strengthened us as members of Gracie Barra. We are proud to say that today, we are stronger than ever.
#GBatHome showed us how special our community is and how dedicated our team is to bringJiu-Jitsu for Everyone.
#GBatHome is here to stay and remember that we'll always be together.
In the coming days, in some countries and regions, our schools may resume on-site classes. Gracie Barra is committed to following all safety standards and respect government guidelines to protect the health of all our team members.
For GB it is Safety First. Always!
Once again we would like to show our gratitude for you <Nome>, for believing, embracing and dedicating yourself to your Jiu-Jitsu journey with Gracie Barra and keep our team safe, happy, and strong. Thank you!
Whether it's GB Online or your GB School, we'll always be connected!