The Virtue of Personal Growth

Jiu-Jitsu is a vehicle by which we can experience this virtue of personal growth

It offers us the structure, support, responsibility and skills to make the necessary decisions for our growth on and off the mat. As a member of GB, always act on the basis of a purpose and the idea of serving others, and encourage your students to adopt similar postures.
In 2017 GB's first World Summit took place in Las Vegas. 
On that day we had the opportunity to hear one of the most fantastic and genuine stories of a member of our team.
This person has the name, willpower, love in the heart and a lot of tails to tell.
On that day, October, 19 2017, Professor Fabiana Borges thrilled all those present with her testimony showing in a unique way, virtue of personal growth within Gracie Barra.
Check out the full video below!