Last week we started a series of blogs to celebrate the approaching graduation of our future Master Carlos Alberto Liberi.

In the first blog, we introduced you to the concept of legacy, and we highlighted the values ​​of Gracie Barra and some of the concepts that Master Carlos Gracie Jr. has always cherished for us to work within Gracie Barra as a whole.

In today's blog, we decided to go deeper and talk to some leaders and people close to Professor Liberi, where we had the opportunity to know even more closely the greatness and humility of Carlos Alberto Liberi.

The initial plan was to prepare a text, adding a few striking phrases that each person spoke. But we concluded that the wealth of details and information in each testimonial is too relevant not to be highlighted here.

Therefore, we decided to transcribe the interviewees' speech so that you can know, through the eyes of our leaders, who Carlos Alberto Liberi is. Let's Go!

"Talking about our dear Liberi is very easy because he is a person who has always had and continues to play a significant role in our organization. He was already a national leader and did a wonderful job. He has been doing a fantastic job inside GB Wear Brazil. He is a correct person, honest, and is present at all Gracie Barra events. I have great affection and friendship for him. I see Liberi as a different person who has the correct background. He has been doing an extraordinary job for our Gracie Barra, being a person who all professors and masters always consult. I have great admiration for him. Always keep this up Liberi, we need you."
Grandmaster Maurício Robbe
"I want to talk about the importance of a person like Carlos Alberto Liberi. For me, he represents Gracie Barra, and he is the person who comes closest to everything Gracie Barra wants. A correct person with integrity and a fantastic character whoalways tries to help others. I always treated him as a Master, and he always complained because he wasn't one yet. But for me, he was always a Master, and he is what we think of Gracie Barra. He always does everything with dedication and goodwill for Gracie Barra and to help everyone on our team. He is a true example, and it was from him that he came up with the phrase 99% is not 100% in terms of standardization and everything that Gracie Barra implements. I admire him, and I take great pride in being part of the same team as him."
Master Frederico Pimentel

"In my opinion, Liberi plays an important position for the future of the team, which is precisely in the formation of future generations of leaders who will continue to take our Jiu-Jitsu For Everyone. Liberi's work impacts the formation of high-level black belts. Many who have passed through his mat today teach Gracie Barra Jiu-Jitsu in different regions of the world. Others defend Gracie Barra in competitive arenas in different parts of the world. He has been doing this work for a long time. In 2008, when Master Carlinhos wanted to restructure our teaching method in Brazil, aligning a new training structure for all schools in Brazil, he invited Liberi to lead this project. It was at his school, GB Campinas, that the GB method was first implemented in Brazil. Since then, it has become a reference for all of us on the team on how to implement our method, teach complete Jiu-Jitsu, embrace Master Carlos Gracie Jr.'s vision, and defend the Gracie Barra flag."
Professor Márcio Feitosa
"Liberi is a pillar of Gracie Barra, a person who has brought a sense of discipline, respect, and organization to our team. He has always been a reference in this regard. Gracie Barra has gone through a very complex and arduous process of organization and implementation of our team's management and teaching structure. Liberi was one of the pioneers in this process of supporting the vision of "Organized like a team and fighting as a family." so that GB could grow in a united and organized way to have this worldwide presence that it has today. I believe that, without Liberi's contribution and example, we would not have reached where we are today, with the mark of almost 900 schools in the world and having the most united team."
Professor Flavio Almeida

"Liberi has exemplary leadership on and off the mat. I had the privilege of meeting him many years ago when I was a blue belt, and since then, I have had the opportunity to follow his work as a professor and martial artist. It is a work that resulted in the formation of several black belts, mainly in Campinas - SP. Several of these black belts are now owners of a GB school, live through Jiu-Jitsu and represent the values ​​of Gracie Barra's philosophy and continue to work to benefit the vision of our Master. And this is all the result of Liberi's work. He embraced and dedicated himself to the vision of Master Carlinhos and Gracie Barra. But in addition to this work, he also has a fundamental role at the front of GB Wear Brazil and GB Brazil. So he is a person who has influenced a lot of people to be better; he has always sought to bring talents closer to him; he has always valued the team spirit and given growth opportunities to his students. This is something very noble, and it is always a pleasure to be with him and learn from him, on and off the mats. Finally, he has a very positive energy. He is a person who has unquestionable discipline, and his loyalty to Master Carlos and Gracie Barra inspires everyone around him."
Professor Marco Joca
"Libere has become an example of leadership at Gracie Barra. He breathes Jiu-Jitsu, and the power of his oratory is extreme. His role in Gracie Barra is crucial. I participated a lot with him because we brought GB Wear to Brazil. Together came GB Brazil, which he initially managed at the request of Master Carlos Gracie Jr. So, he is 100% involved with the cause of Jiu-Jitsu For Everyone and Gracie Barra __ a leader within Gracie Barra."
Professor Danilo Caproni

We at GB Online were thrilled with all the testimonials. How about you?

In our last blog, we will share an exclusive interview we made with Professor Carlos Alberto Liberi. Stay tuned!