The GB Australia expansion through the ICP

Let’s fly to Australia. Our Gracie Barra schools over there are globally recognized for their standardized and excellent teaching levels. The GB team is getting stronger every day in that region, and we are sure our Red Shield is really well represented by their team.
Did you know that well known projects like “GB Ambassadors” and the “Premium School Certification” were born in Australia?
Conducting all those great results, we have a strong and authentic leader, always committed to following rules. Professor Marcelo Rezende has been doing an admirable job and reaping amazing fruits over there. Much of this success is due to his deep understanding of Gracie Barra's vision and by implementing the necessary rules to take the organization up to our high-level goals.   
Now, do you know the real value of those rules within GB?
Our team invited Professor Marcelo Rezende to have a chat and share some of his best experiences as a leader in Gracie Barra. Check out this great video