Jiu-Jitsu Fundamentals: Guard Bottom

GB1 by Master Carlos Gracie Jr.

In week 13 of the GB curriculum, we will be working on techniques from the guard bottom. There might be more techniques from the guard bottom position than in any other ground position.
As with most complicated things in Jiu-Jitsu, we are best served by starting with the fundamentals.
Our featured technique from the GB1 instructional program comes from Master Carlos Gracie Jr.
This sweep is commonly known as the "Hip-Bump" sweep due to the guard player's hips' intense action in knocking the opponent off balance.
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There are a few important details to pay attention to on the Hip Bump sweep:
1- The correct situation to use this sweep is when your opponent is posturing up strongly inside your closed guard and is preparing to open your legs. It is challenging to do the Hip Bump if your opponent is pressuring forwards.
2 - Control your opponent's elbow. The most common reason this sweep fails is that the guard player could not control the opponent's arm, and they were able to post out with their free arm and block the sweep attempt.
This next guard technique takes advantage of the opponent's defensive reaction of posting their arm to stop the sweep. 
The opponent has stopped the sweep by posting with their arm on the mat. They have however, exposed their arm for the Kimura shoulder lock.
Important tip: Notice how Master Carlos moves his hips out so that he is facing the opponent. This affords the greatest leverage in applying the Kimura lock.
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