Week 15: The Double Leg Drill - BarraFIT

We will be looking at sequences of bodyweight movements that work in all parts of the body, especially those movement patterns and muscles that we use in Jiu-Jitsu.
Our first video is from the BarraFIT Performance module.
VIDEO: Class 15B Round 1: Training
Upper Body and Core
This first circuit consists of pushup variations combined with a reverse back raise alternated with standing in grapplers stance and changing levels to work the legs. This should get your quads and lungs burning!
Double Leg drill
This drill will give all of the muscles in your posterior chain (glutes, hamstring, and spinal erectors) a functional workout AND train your movement pattern to perform the shot into double Leg takedown. This drill encompasses muscle strength in the legs and burns the double Leg shot into our muscle memory.
VIDEO: Class 15B Self Defense Training
Note: Pay attention to the straight spine that the GB instructors maintain while forward lunging. This correct posture is an essential detail in executing a proper single-leg shot to takedown.
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