The 5 Most Common Mistakes Made on our GB Mats

Like little Caio is doing on the picture, be sure to bow to Grand Master Carlos Gracie Sr. when you enter and exit the training area (training etiquette #1).  

So let's talk about The GB Training Etiquette...

Don't worry if you had made any of these mistakes, we understand that everything is new for you and we are here to help you. Let's go!
Tip: the # numbers are according to our GB Training Etiquette Posters... If you didn't download it yet, click here!
Number 1 - Training Etiquette #7: If you are late for class, wait on the side of the training area for permission to enter the mat from the Professor or Coach.
Expert Comments: For your safety, make sure to wait for your instructor to invite you before you jump on the mats. There are important reasons for this, and some are:
  • The instructor needs to make sure you warm-up
  • The instructor needs to find the right partner for you
  • The instructor is there to make sure you are safe to start training
  • Wait to be invited on the mats to show respect to your instructor
Number 2 - Training Etiquette #13: Keep fingernails and toenails short for everyone's safety.

Expert Comments: Believe it or not, it is common to see people getting hurt for this reason, and it's your responsibility to make sure your training partner is safe. So please keep your fingernails and toenails short.
Number 3 - Training Etiquette #16: The uniform must be clean at all times. A dirty uniform is a sign of disrespect.
Expert Comments: We must all have a clean uniform for everyone's health. A clean uniform helps to prevent the spread of bacteria and other contagious diseases. Respect your uniform and your training partners because, at the end of the day, no one wants to train with the guy or girl wearing the stinky uniform. 
Number 4 - Training Etiquette #19: The belt represents your progress. Keep it on.
Expert Comments: This is a big one. If your belt is falling off and you have time to fix it, please do. Don’t simply toss it to the side because it is falling off. Even if it is your second class, you needed courage to show up and step on the mat to earn your white belt. As a brown belt, you demonstrate respect and are an example to new students. Keep your belt on and be proud of your rank and the instructor who promoted you.
Number 5 - Training Etiquette #25: All students and Instructors must wear shoes or sandals when walking outside of the training area.
Expert Comments: The mats are sacred grounds to us, and no one wants to make them dirty, right? Always use your shoes or sandals when off the mat. It's essential to keep everyone safe by keeping dirt  or bacteria off the mat to help prevent contagious diseases from spreading on the mat. Gracie Barras schools clean their mats every day, so please do your part to keep it clean.
Enjoy your training and stay safe!
Talk to you soon,
GB Team