Supporting Your Local GB School Through GB Wear Rewards

Dear GB Team Member,

We have all been impacted in some way or another due to the recent global health crisis.

Small local businesses have been hit really hard, and unfortunately, that includes your local GB School. In a time of selective spending, our only ask is that you spend to support your local communities. 

Whether it be your local grocery, baker, small restaurant, or any of the businesses you love. Wherever possible, we need to come together as a community in order to continue and support those in need. 

With that being said, what is GB Wear doing to help your home GB school you might ask? 

GB Wear will double the amount of Rewards given to each U.S. Gracie Barra school as part of our Rewards Program. The rewards are collected as each student purchases online. 

  • If you already have an account with a HOME GB SCHOOL selected, you’re ahead of the game! All your purchases are generating rewards to your HOME GB SCHOOL. 

  • If you already have an account but never selected a HOME GB SCHOOL, you can do it under “My Account” > “My Home GB School” section (as shown below).
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We wish you nothing but health and safety & thank you all for your continued support!


GB Wear Team