We sent the Premium ICP Certificate to Professor Flavio Almeida...

Check out what happen! 

Last month Professor Flavio received his Premium ICP Certificate and we had the chance to record his unpackaging and see the certificate for the first time.
Before you watch the video we would like to remind you about a few things:
We researched for a long time to find the perfect certificate to be represent the high quality teaching done inside our Gracie Barra schools but until we had our hands on it we didn’t realize how amazing this certificate really is. The truth is, we will not be ordering any more of these premium certificates until next year. There is a limited supply for 2019 so if you really want to set your school and teaching apart from others in your area with a high quality instructor certificate we recommend you order it today to not take risk missing out.
Are you sure you want to lose the opportunity to be one of the first GB Instructors ever to have to have the Premium ICP certificate in your hands? 
Available now at online.graciebarra.com on our eLearning ICP 2019 platform

- GB Online Team
Available now at our eLearning ICP 2019 platform