Week 3: Passing Outside Hook / DLR Guard with Prof. Victor Estima

GB2 Online by Victor Estima: Level UP

This week's techniques are part of Week 3 of the GB2 module with Prof. Victor Estima on Guard Top.
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Prof. Victor explains the proper posture and leg position while standing inside the opponent's outside hook guard (aka the De La Riva guard). First things first. If you have a poor posture to start the pass, your opponent has the conditions to sweep or submit you.
Video 1: Technique 14 - Leg Drag from outside hook guard
Prof. Victor executes a leg drag while circling his hips to direct the opponent's hips to face away from him for the pass.
Important detail: Note the specific grips that Prof. Victor uses to control the opponent's pants and negate the power of the hooks.
Leg weave
In our 2nd video, Prof. Victor initiates the pass in the same way as video #1. Of course, your opponent will react defensively and attempt to bring their other leg inside to block the pass and replace the guard.
Video 2 - Technique 15 - Leg Drag from outside hook guard variation
Pay attention to how Prof. Victor anticipates the 2nd leg coming over and clears that leg to complete the pass. This is a very common situation when using the 1st technique, and we need to understand how both variations work together.

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