What is your legacy? How would you like to be remembered when you are no longer around?

At Gracie Barra, our legacy is made up of all our team members who work together every day for the continuous improvement of each person and the communities we serve. 

Our values — Brotherhood, Integrity and Development — are the solid foundation that Master Carlos Gracie Jr. built over the last 35 years, so that we could reach every corner of the world.
“Jiu-Jitsu for Everyone” made it possible and inspired the transformation and evolution of Jiu-Jitsu as a martial art that changes the lives of people and all around them. 

When someone joins our team, that new member gets a second family. And as Master Carlos Gracie Jr. has always pointed out: “At Gracie Barra we want for the others just what we want for ourselves. The victory of one is the victory of everyone. And above all, the group makes itself stronger.”

This philosophy of life and teaching is passed down through generations. More than that, being able to celebrate milestones of each member of our team, especially those who paved our way to get where we are now, is crucial.

At every GB school, once someone reaches a new degree, that student is applauded by the team. After the graduation, the student greets all their training partners as a way of thanking them and recognizing the team's contribution for that achievement. 

The same happens with our leaders at GB. They also have milestones along their journeys that we must, together, participate, applaud, and celebrate. 

We started this text talking about our legacy. Soon, one of our great leaders will be consecrated as a Master, receiving the red and black belt directly from the hands of our founder Master Carlos Gracie Jr.

He is Professor Carlos Alberto Liberi, who has built his own legacy by helping to develop GB’s legacy for the last 25 years.

And to invite our entire community to celebrate this big moment, GB Online is starting today a series of blog posts, so that we can all get to know the history of our future Master Carlos Alberto Liberi.

Watch the interview below recorded for the ICP and stay tuned for our next blog post where you will learn more about Professor Liberi and his journey at GB.