Week 1: Omoplata Sweep with Prof. Rodrigo Fajardo

GB2 by Rodrigo Fajardo: Further Your Knowledge 

This week's techniques are part of Week 1 of the GB 2 Curriculum - Guard bottom.
This week with Prof. Rodrigo Fajardo, we will be learning about 2 key collar drag techniques from the guard. The Sit-Up guard and collar grip are an important guard system to learn - especially to defend against standing guard passers.
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Our first video is from the GB2 with Prof. Fajardo's module.
In this situation, Prof. Fajardo opens his closed guard to play Sit Up guard with one hand in the opponent's collar. Prof. Rodrigo uses the collar drag movement to force the opponent to put his opposite hand on the mat to retain his top position. This unbalancing creates an opportunity for Prof. Rodrigo to quickly attack the near arm with an Omoplata.
VIDEO: Technique 5 Class 1B: Omoplata Sweep from collar drag
Essential points: When Prof. Fajardo attacks the Omoplata, he may not be able to get the submission, and he seamlessly transitions to a sweep. With the opponent's arm locked up in Omoplata, they cannot post with that arm and prevent the sweep.
Our 2nd video shows a different scenario where Prof. Fajardo starts with the same collar drag to Omoplata, but when the opponent makes a strong posture, Prof. Fajardo changes his attack.
VIDEO2: Technique 6 Class 1B: Omoplata Sweep from collar drag + Technical lift
Please pay attention to the detail where Prof. Rodrigo uses his free leg to kick out the arm posting; he switches his grip on the opponents collar to the other hand. This allows Prof. Rodrigo to post the rear hand and use a decisive hip action with a Technical lift to come to the top.
The takeaway: When your first technique is countered, a jiu-jitsu fighter switches to another option that the opponent has opened up.

TÉCNICA 6 from Gracie Barra Jiu-Jitsu on Vimeo.

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