GB1 by Carlos Gracie Jr.

This week's Guard Bottom techniques are part of the GB1 module with Master Carlos Gracie Jr.

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In our first video we find Master Carlos in closed guard bottom. Before Master Carlos can look at successfully sweeping or submitting his opponent, his first priority is to break his opponent's defensive posture down.

Pay Attention To:
How Master Carlos moves his hips to the side in order to create space to insert his second choking hand (palm UP grip) deep in the collar. Without a DEEP collar grip, your choke is unlikely to be effective.

Video 1: Guard Bottom - Cross Choke

Master Carlos again starts in his closed guard attacking the hand in the collar, but the opponent blocks the second choking hand from coming in and maintains their posture.

Important detail! Pay attention to how Master Carlos pummels his second hand inside to break the grip and secure a palms down grip to finish the choke.

Common mistake: Many bjj students will try to choke with a collar grip that is not deep enough and with the opponent in a strong upright posture. This results in using a lot of strength and tiring out their grip

Video 2: Guard Bottom