Week 14: How To Trap The Arms In Side Mount

GB2 by Roberto Alencar Tussa 

In week 14 of the GB curriculum, we will be working on techniques from side mount top. Second, there are a lot of submission options from side control only to the guard bottom position.

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These techniques are part of the GB2 course by Prof. Roberto Tussa in Week 14 of the GB Curriculum.

There are a couple of essential points to set up the position:
1- First, Prof. Tussa dominates the opponent's arm closest to him by sliding his knee under the armpit. Prof. Tussa pinches that arm between his elbow and knee - trapping the arm in place.

Video 1:  Class 14B Technique 83
Side mount to Triangle/ Armbar
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2- By grabbing the wrist on the opponent's far arm (causing the opponent to hide their arm so as not to be Kimura'd) is the key to pinning the arm against the opponent's body.

In this 2nd technique, Prof. Tussa starts in North-South (a variation of Side Mount). He uses movement to the side to trap the opponent's arm in a weak position across his upper body and pins the arm.

Video 2: Class 14b Technique 84
The "Pretzel" mount

Prof. Tussa continues the circular movement (Note how Prof. Tussa briefly transitions to Reverse Scarfhold ) to mount the opponent (4 points!) with the bonus of using his bodyweight to trap both arms against the opponent's chest.

The common element in both of these Side Mount techniques is that Prof. Tussa uses his bodyweight creatively to pin the opponent's arms against their body: consequently eliminating the opponent's ability to defend.
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