Instagram Live Events

During this month, we will have two special lives on Instagram for you. We can't reveal the guest yet, but we know you will love it. Follow @graciebarraonline on Instagram to not miss any information about these events. 

GB Foundations Program Special

To best celebrate Gracie Barra’s birthday you need to know where we came from and what makes our team so special!

If the GB Foundations program was a book, it would be a complete encyclopedia of Jiu-Jitsu and Gracie Barra’s history. It works as a guide for all GB members to understand who we are and why we do what we do.
If you are part of our team, this course is essential for your growth on and off the mats. 

Here is a GB Online Gift for you. 

The GB Foundations Program will be 35% off this month to celebrate our 35th anniversary!

We also have an extra gift: use the code LEGACY15 at checkout to receive an EXTRA 15% discount. We have only made 35 of these special coupons available. Hurry before they run out!

GB Rank Certificates & Diplomas

As we celebrate Gracie Barra’s legacy, we want you to celebrate yours too. The GB Rank Certificates & Diplomas are more than just a piece of paper. It is your history, tradition, and legacy being registered in our global network. 

Here is a GB Online Gift for you. 

During the GB Legacy Month, we will offer 35% off the GB Rank
Certificates & Diplomas to celebrate Gracie Barra's 35th Anniversary.

Mark your history, recognize your efforts, and leave your legacy.