Week 8 with by Prof. Tussa Alencar: Escaping Armbars

This week with Prof. Tussa, we will learn how to counter and escape the armbar attack from Side mount bottom.
This week's escape techniques are part of Week 8 of the GB2 No-Gi module with Prof. Tussa Alencar.
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In our first video, Prof. Tussa teaches us to counter and escape the straight armbar attack of our opponent while coming to the top position.

Note the details that Prof. Tussa uses the pendulum motion of his legs to generate the momentum to come to the top. Second, Prof. Tussa also underhooks his opponent's head the eliminate his leverage in extending the armbar.

VIDEO1 - Class 8B: Armbar Escape 1

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Our 2nd video shows us starting in the same armbar situation as the first video but using a different direction for the escape. The opponent posted the free arm to prevent Prof. Tussa from sitting up.

VIDEO 2 - Class 8B: Armbar Escape 2

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Please pay attention to the detail of how Prof. Tussa uses a bridging movement to knock the opponent onto his back and then walking his legs around to create an angle to come to the top.
Special tip: Notice how Prof. Tussa resists the urge to pull his arm out when he comes to the top - possibly straightening his arm into the armbar. Instead, he is patient and first stacks the opponent to avoid his arm to extend.

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