Week 16: Escape the Knee on the Belly with Master Carlos

GB1 by Master Carlos Gracie Jr: Master The Fundamentals

This week"s techniques are part of Week 16 of the GB 1 Curriculum - Mount and Knee on Belly.
This week with Master Carlos Gracie Jr, we will be learning about 2 key techniques from the Knee on the Belly bottom position.
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There are few worse positions to get caught in than under a heavy knee on the belly. Not only are you carrying all of your opponent's weight, but their knee on your diaphragm makes breathing very difficult.
Our first video is from the GB1 Fundamentals module.
VIDEO: technique 95 Class 16B - Knee on Belly Escape 1
In this situation, Prof. Feitosa is transitioning from side mount to knee on the belly. Master Carlos on bottom times Prof. Feitosa's attempt and uses a knee to elbow escape to trap Prof. Feitosa's leg in a half guard.
Important points: When Prof. Feitosa puts his knee on the belly, his trailing leg momentarily becomes light, making it easier for Master Carlos to catch the leg in half guard. Since Master Carlos has the underhook, he has a clear path to Prof. Feitosa's back - connecting the escape and the back take.
Our 2nd video shows a different scenario where Prof. Feitosa is knee mounting after executing a Bullfighter guard pass.
VIDEO: technique 96 Class 15B - Knee on Belly Escape 2
In this escape Master Carlos chooses to turn AWAY from his opponent - as opposed to turning to face the opponent and replace the guard. Going to turtle position is much preferable to being stuck underneath your opponent's knee on the belly!
Note: Pay attention to how Master Carlos turns away. He creates much distance and changes his angle to face Prof. Feitosa. This is to prevent exposing his back to be easily taken - if Master Carlos had merely rolled to face away - Prof. Feitosa would easily follow his movement to the back mount.

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