Week 9: Butterfly Sweep Grip with Prof. Flavio Almeida

This week's Arm Crossed Butterfly techniques are part of Week 9 of the GB3 Advanced module with Prof. Flavio Almeida.
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In our first video, Prof. Flavio teaches one of Master Carlos Gracie Jr's favorite techniques based on an Arm Crossed grip (similar to a wrestling Russian 2 on 1 grip).
Our first video starts standing where Prof. Flavio gets the grip and executes a sacrifice throw - a variation of the Sumi Gaeshi.

VIDEO 1: Technique 52 -Arm Crossed Butterfly sacrifice throw

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Note the detail that Prof. Flavio sets up the throw with 2 key steps:
1- pushes into the opponent to create the reaction
2- circle steps the opponent to create the timing to enter into the sacrifice throw
The Butterfly hook with the foot creates the strong leverage to lift the opponent - which we will see in technique #2


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Our 2nd video shows us how to execute a sweep using the same Cross Arm grip and Butterfly hook - this time on the ground instead of standing.

VIDEO 2: Technique 53 - Arm Crossed Butterfly Sweep

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Pay attention to the detail of how Prof. Flavio rocks back, "pulling his knee to his chest" to load the opponent's weight on top of him - making the sweep easier than if Prof. Flavio had only relied on the lifting action of his leg.

Special tip: Notice how Prof. Flavio does not let go of the sleeve grip after the sweep instead of keeping it to control the opponent's escape.

These 2 techniques show how the principles and grips of standing takedowns can make your sweeping game stronger as well!


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