Week 13: Attack The Reaction - GB3 By Flavio Almeida

Collar Drag & Loop Choke

Most Jiu-Jitsu students quickly become obsessed with developing an effective guard and learning the different guard styles they can add to their arsenal.
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This week 13 of the GB Curriculum will look at some techniques and strategies with Prof. Flavio Almeida from the GB3 program.
The Sit-Up guard has several offensive options - depending on the guard passer's reactions.
Week 13 - Class 13A Technique 74: Collar Drag
This sequence starts with a strong collar grip by Prof. Flavio. Note the powerful hip elevation and hip movement by Prof. Flavio to create the powerful pull to force the opponent to the mat and expose their back.
The most effective Jiu-Jitsu comes from connecting your positions and flowing from one technique to the next.
Tip: Prof. Flavio creates a trap for the opponent by showing an opening to pass to one side. When the opponent lowers their head and starts to pass, Prof. Flavio wraps the lapel around the opponent's neck for several possible Loop choke finish variations.
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Week 13 - Class 13A - Technique 75: Loop choke
In addition to the Collar Drag and Loop Choke's specific details, pay attention to how the two techniques have the same starting point, and therefore the opponent can not read which technique you are looking to hit.
GB3 is working on adding Solo Drills for each week to help GB students build the movement patterns to sharpen their execution of the week's techniques, even without a training partner. Stayed tuned!
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