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ICP 2024: Safety First, Always!

In this edition, we are prioritizing "Safety first, always!" and we are excited to share
all the new updates and improvements we have in store for you.

Some Incredible News from ICP 2024:

New Course: GB Safety

The focus on safety has never been more crucial. Explore the new course that delves deeper into risk management, ensuring a secure environment for everyone.

Video Series with Master Carlos Gracie Jr:

At the end of each stage, dive into episodes dedicated to exploring Master Carlos Gracie Jr.'s experience in building successful Gracie Barra schools.

ICP Library:

The ICP Library will bring complementary and inspiring content, including exclusive interviews, additional videos with Master Carlos Gracie Jr. and black belts, E-Books from previous editions, live sessions, and much more.

ICP 2024 Support Group:

Join a dynamic WhatsApp support group during the ICP 2024 season (October-November and December). Gracie Barra experts will l


With the ICP Legacy, the certification process has been streamlined to involve only a test, reading of new courses, and review of updated courses. We're simplifying to expedite, without reducing the challenge.

Who Can Participate in the ICP Legacy?

The ICP Legacy is Gracie Barra's annual recertification process. Only certified instructors from the years 2021, 2022, and 2023 are eligible to enroll in this edition.

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