Optimize the ICP 2023 experience

Acquire the necessary knowledge for you to be prepared. Learn what features and modifications are in store and be able to confidently speak about these changes with your School Staff.
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What's included?

  • 2022 Research Results
  • Overview of ICP 2023
  • ICP 2023 New Features
  • Special Invite for you
  • Access to Marketing Materials

Insight Driven Changes

Gain access to the results of our research. Find out the common pain points and best practices amongst School Owners and Instructors. Plus 14 Principles to guide you towards even more success.

Be Prepared for Certification

With access to a Roadmap you will be able to clearly see your path to becoming a premium school in the new year. Learn what activities and new features will be available for ICP 2023.
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3 Common Principles

Identified for Schools with 150-200 students.
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2 Key Principles

For School Owners who reach 400+ students.
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Intro to ICP 2023

Now learn some key details for the ICP 2023.

In this guide, you will find the 9 remaining principles for successful School Owners. Plus an in-depth view at the ICP 2023 experience.

Start your preparation for the ICP 2023.